My name is David Kitz and I am an artist and designer based out of Venice, California.  I designed the L-Lamp while I was an art student at UCLA, making my first prototypes while taking a ceramics class.  Since graduating, I have decided to share my design with the world.
The L-Lamp was designed to showcase the aesthetic qualities of the hand-picked industrial parts being used: the lightbulb, the cloth cord, the plugs, the rotary switches etc.  Whereas many lamps are designed to conceal their mounting apparatuses, sockets, and lightbulbs through the use of lamp shades and casings, the L-Lamp puts these parts on full display.  Because there is no shade, I use low-wattage (30-40 watt) carbon filament light bulbs that cast a soft, eye-friendly golden hue.
Ultimately, each lamp is designed to be as visually interesting while not in use (which is how many lamps spend most of their lives) as while in use.
I hope you enjoy yours.
*to see my artwork, visit www.davidkitz.com